Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm a Mutt, Not a Mulatto

Once again consuming the opium of the masses for yet another night (someone should just install a catheter and a bedpan and end me now)I finally watched a show I actually liked without waiting for the DVD...and my disappointment has forced me to revert back to my pretentious strictly TV-on-DVD viewing habits.

Rashida Jones' "Karen" was swiftly discarded in the US Office season four premiere, an episode that was mediocre at best. Being one of the millions of UK Office diehards who were slow to warm up to the US Office (that pilot episode was an atrocity of painfully plagaristic proportions), I eventually warmed to the Steve Carell incarnation of Michael Scott's David Brent surprised by the smart pacing and fun Americanized subtlety it managed to maintain. Here's hoping last night's mediocrity doesn't signal the demise of the show's creativity. God knows American television is dying for a reason to sound smart again.

In honor of Ms. Jones' departure (apparently to a new Farrelly Brothers Fox sitcom that looks almost as bad as that "HeartBreak Kid" debacle) I rehashed a recent webisode of David Wain's hilarious "Wainy Days" with Wain attempting to pull a Mel Gibson-esque "What Women Want" move by crossdressing as a woman, only to magically transform into the cute-as-button Ms. Jones...Yum.

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