Monday, September 24, 2007

Merry Cohort # 1

I've been recruited as a merry cohort on this project to further inundate the online scene with yet another blog.

Let me assure you I will bring you the finest in my thoughts on celebrity gossip, new music, old music, movies, television, anything mister administrator posts and so much more.

Mr. Administrator continues to bring you the finest in all things the online world has to offer. I will bring you things like this:

That is two minutes and fifty two seconds of a german midget laughing at a camel for what seems to be no good reason. It's oddly fascinating and disturbing at the same time. It's from Werner Herzog's feature film, "Auch Zwerge Haben Klein Angefangen." You know you're intrigued. Let me save you the trip and give you the IMDB page for the flick right here.

I'm a vegetarian. Here's another reason you should become one:

You wouldn't want Joaquin to be sad. I know I wouldn't.

YouTube is a bottomless pit of useless videos and they all tie into each other.
Exhibit A:

From this video I got this video:

College kids have too much time on their hands.
...and now the kicker:

Seriously... YouTube, a fine time waster.

Originally I was actively trying to make my entries into this blog thunderdome not centered around YouTube videos but then I figured that no one wants to hear me wax poetic about the current status of miss Britney Spears (Is it wrong of me to want those kids to stay with her? Imagine the beautiful little wrecks we'll get to watch grow up.) Eh, my attempt at actively trying to do something failed and so I'll spin further down my rabbit hole.

Here is something I recently discovered.

I was watching 50 Cent's new video for his fantastic piece of work, "Ayo Technology" and one kid on the comment board mentioned something about 50 Cent not being a "gangsta" anymore. I immediately clicked on his username to see what he knew about being "gangsta." To my surprise and horror I found multiple videos of this mesmerizing dance. Blaring techno and kids moving around as if they had no means to stop are not my cup of tea but I still found myself drawn into the world that harbors it. Here's what Wikipedia described it as, "The Melbourne Shuffle is a style of dance, originating in the late 1980s in the Melbourne underground scene. The movements are typical jazz dance steps incorporated with a modern twist." If you go to the Wiki-Link you can learn the basic steps of the Melbourne Shuffle and the history of it.

I would much rather watch this video repeatedly:

That monkey and I are on the same page. I'd tackle some kid "shuffling" on a beach any day.

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