Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Now...A Moment of Loudness

If I hear another Marcel-Marceau-tribute-moment-of-silence-ironic-joke, please fucking stab in the ears...or just force me to watch Good Luck Chuck again...

As as mimes go, I'm pretty much indifferent. Every mime I've ever met wasn't very good (NYC seems to have a shortage on mimes; maybe all the disgruntled panhandlers and kids selling chocolate to support their basketball teams wiped them out)

The craft of mimicry seems to be a lost art, like intellectual discourse, foreplay, or smoking while pregnant on television.

Mimes have influenced some of the great comedic minds of our time, from the Marx brothers to the Three Stooges- and in recent times the beloved alternative comedy troupe Stella.

Here's another new episode of Stella/State/Ten director David Wain's charming web shorts "Wainy Days" on

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