Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Plight of Popera

There are three things that get me excited about the fall/winter season:

  1. It's cold and my sweaty, rotund, non-summer loving ass enjoys being able to hide the physical atrocities under a nice autumnal/blizzard friendly ensemble
  2. Cold winter makes starting the day with a nice cup of tea/coffee that much more enjoyable
  3. Football and basketball are in full swing and...uh...cough... I FUCKING LOVE THE NEW FALL OPERA SEASON (quickly looks left and right then gleefully pirouette's to Puccini's libretto "Tosca" from the 2002 spring season)

Okay, I admit loving opera today without sounding like some pretentious yuppie who flaunts his recent IPO killing is somewhat of an impossibility, but there's just something about it that draws me in...the warm sounds, the simplicity of emotion,...the hot women?

Anna Netrebko has been hailed as being a newfound savior for opera, bridging the gap between generations but appealing to younger audiences, i.e. slutting it up in a classy sophisticated soprano kind of way.

And yes, she's definitely a boom bottie, but as the above vid shows, does the Toni Braxton/Aguilera treatment really broaden her appeal? Will teenage girls who knew nothing about opera or classical music suddenly become drawn to it not because of their scraggly old music teacher, but cause of some classy/hot lady they see in a VH1 vid? (And how fucking ridiculous does that cheapass Toys-R-Us floatie underneath her look?)

Then again, Netrebko is a nice excuse for Average Joe closet opera fans like myself, being able to defend the discovery of my "Russian Album" by noting just how fucking hot she happens to be...

Quick note: Is it sad that watching the Mets depressingly lose yet another game Friday night made me think of Netrebko's 'mad scene' from the opening night of last fall's "I Puritani"? Watching the orange and blue die so slowly and painfully somehow brought back the image of Netrebko on the staircase writhing in agony...though seeing Matt Dillon looking so depressed last night made the game somewhat rewarding.

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