Saturday, September 29, 2007

Poetic Pursuits of Playoff Poofery

I am NOT a hardcore sports fan. I do not cry when my team loses, I do not drink myself to sleep when they blow the big one, nor do I beat my wife and kids shortly afterwards. (Though I do sometimes fantasize about reenacting this play from time to time:)

I play fantasy sports and channel my venomous rage upon an unsuspecting player by resoundingly destroying my opponent, then impaling them with my championship trophy.Whew. I am still in step one of FSFA,(Fantasy Sports Fanatica Anonymous) but I'm getting there.

Maybe if I were more at peace with my inner demons yearning to compensate for a lack of athletic ability, I could channel my energies like this guy.

(It does make me wonder if I can pursue a career as the Poet Laureate of Porn. Ahhh...what literary joy it would bring.)

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