Saturday, September 22, 2007

Unaccomplished... and not loving it...

It's almost October and a certain blogger with a bachelors in journalism is finding that career prospects ain't exactly rosy for wannabe journalist/improvisationalist/comedians....

Maybe one should be more pro-active like this guy. (Gotta love CNN's professionalism in using the "q" word to open the piece)

I've never been one to be proud of one's namesake, but I do love getting cross referenced with America's favorite non-threatening uncle who's banned from family gatherings but still manages to pop in for the occasional threat/photo op/future MLB All-Star...

See Mr. (enter employer name)? Fantasy sports does help increase productivity. As for the other NSFW stuff,well...

Once again, another attempt at bringing the sexes together. Who would've thought Susan Lucci's trade value could quantitatively eclipse Peyton Manning's?

So this is what a comedy roast by writerly hipsters looks like...

(Note to la dame, notice the persona at the 6:00 and 7:00 minute marks. Go ahead,load that ammunition and fire away...)

Thoughts on the illustrious Nick Kroll:

  1. He's a pretty talented dude.
  2. Fabrice Fabrice offends me on so many levels, yet somehow manages to amuse my PC ass
  3. The "Cavemen" pilot is so fucking bad, it's...well, uh...still fucking bad
  4. Holy shit, is that the Sklar Brothers? They still get work? (I know it's not about Kroll, but eh, just watch the vid)

Is it unprofessional to tell someone a few months older than you that you look up to them? Cause right now, ain't nobody putting it down the way the Derrick guys are killin' it...improv, sketch, videos, Emmy Awards for Best Comedy Series (big ups to Donald =) At 23, I'd be fucking paranoid about peaking...but these guys seem to have a handle on it.

I was slow to love this show, but after spending an entire night watching Season One on a free Time Warner On-Demand preview (gotta love the use of "motherlover" as a fill-in) I've become smitten. It's scary, it's hilarious, it's mutha-lovin' good...(somehow Deb reminds me of an ex, just cuter and less violent)

One of these days I will eventually hate this song, but seeing as I've bobbed my head and air-drummed for the quadrillionth time, I can't help but blast it once again...

This was apparently one of the "must-go shows" of the summer, alongside the much bally-hooed (I knew I'd finally get to use that word in my lifetime) Manu Chao, and others I failed to attend. Oh well. Fuck my non-hipster-but-looks-sorta-kinda-like-a-hipster-ass...THAT'S WHY YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE (Air-drums dramatically)

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