Friday, October 5, 2007

Football Fantasy

Every season there are shows that are supposedly 'smart', 'inventive', and 'finally a reason to watch television.' And most of these shows garner critical acclaim because they are well-written, but also latch onto a very specific, niche audience.

"Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" started out as such, only to wimper to surprisingly mediocre demise. "Huff" and "Arrested Development" wore their quirkiness like badges of honor, only to have the fine point needle of that badge stab them in their low-rated heart.

Those shows were smart, well acted, but also catered towards to more liberal, left-leaning, bi-coastal audience. Shows like that falter to the likes of programs that the average Joe can identify with, the Southern, Mid-Western, everyday man who likes his beer cold, his football bloody, and his women slutty. Which begs the following question:

Why the FUCK is no one watching "Friday Night Lights"?

It has all the elements of a show that every average American can like, AND critics actually love the shit out of it. But maybe that's just it. Critics love it, ergo, average Joe's are predisposed to be indifferent to it.

Which is a travesty to say the least. Unlike the film it has been spurned out of, "FNL" isn't a lame, predictable, underdog wins in the end sports fable (although some game sequences have at times fallen victim to said premise), it's about people, and not East Coast million dollar apartment uppitty intellectuals who contemplate the complexities of lattes and the white man's guilt, but good looking, compelling characters struggling to find solace in a world where nothing is important but a fucking pigskin.

It's poetic. It's beautiful. It's smart, and holy shit, it's really fucking good. Not Frasier-suck-my-dick-single-camera-show-cause-I'm-smarter-than-you-good, but wow, I like being alive and living in the moment, and maybe I won't beat my wife and kids-good. (Okay I took it a bit too far, but the aparthy towards this show has pushed me)

So please, I implore you (whoever the hell is actually reading this shit...much thanks by the way =) watch this show. It actually deserves to be on the air, not cause those condescending critics say so, but because it helps validate the importance of just trying to get by, and why trying to get by is just as noble as reaching for nothingness.

Oh yeah and ignore NBC's shitty attempts at promotion. It is NOT Varsity Blues. Anyway, with the show being moved to the graveyard of Friday Night, I bid the show an early farewell, knowing, absofuckinglutely no one who can truly appreciate this show will actually be home to watch it....

Whew...on the days Rant-o-Meter, I'm batting a perfect 1.000 going 3-for-3. Maybe more joliness will come tomorrow. Maybe.

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