Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No Offense to Deaf People # 1

I've been mainly indifferent, if not outright bored by new film releases in recent months, with one glorious exception. "The Great World of Sound" is an engaging, funny, and well thought out film that touches all the right nerves, irregardless of one's affinity for the music industry at large. Well acted, and equally well shot, for a film this good to be made on a budget south of $85,000 is a mindfucking miracle. It got a limited run in New York and other cities, but if you happen upon it on DVD, it's definitely worth a view.
And now for some musical musings...

One of my personal favorite albums of the past few years, Cibelle's "The Shine of Dead Electric Leaves" hits all the right spots, and whoever doesn't find her and Devendra canoodling ala Mary Poppins cute as all hell has no soul. Still gotta cop a listen to Banhart's new release as well.
I don't make a habit of watching "Jimmy Kimmel Live" ever (is it bad that I think he peaked during his "Win Ben Stein's Money/Man Show" period?), but every now and then he has a decent musical guest, and last night's performance by Justice was exactly that. Note Kimmel's initial warning prior to the performance of it being "weird", followed by his "accidental" (wink, ha, no) grope on national television of his overexposed-backlash-waiting-to-happen girlfriend Sarah Silverman.

Sometimes a band comes along and changes the face of the musical landscape. This is not one of those bands. Yet as far as novelty acts go (sorry Tatu) the Pipettes' 60's girl group gimmick is catchy as shit. And no one can fault them for being damn good at it. (On a personal note, I'm all about Rosay...who the hell isn't? When she goes through her solo-dark&deep&cute-ala-Fiona Apple-phase, it might not be too bad)

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