Saturday, October 13, 2007

No Offense to Deaf People #2

Disappointments abound:
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The Darjeeling Limited and Lars and the Real Girl were two promising "indie" efforts that were lackluster at best, heavy on mise-en-scene and a little light on engaging plot development.

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In light of the recent indie disappointments, I'm struggling with my urge to drown my sorrows in a wave of big budget baddies, Dan in Real Life and the much bally-hooed American Gangster

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The story of a single father struggling to raise his daughters while balancing romantic enchantments in the form of his brother's girlfriend...and starring Dane Cook? At first glance it would be easy to dismiss the film as simple chick-flick/family safe fare...but it's Steve Carell and Juliette fucking Binoche...just throw in Maria Schneider and Richard Lewis and it'd be my own personal wet dream of sexy/funny mismatches. It looks decent at best, but what the fuck, after "Evan Almighty" anything should be better, no? (Still trying to quell physicial anxiousness arising from the "Get Smart" trailers....ahhhh)

As for "American Gangster"...after all the sad weepy, too cute for it's own good schlock that's violated my eyes in recent months, sometimes it's nice to just sit back, pop a cold one (as I wholly intend on boozing the local cinema) and watch two pretty good actors look cool and fucking blow each other away. Nice. Simple. Not-pretentious. With an almost three hour running time, and Ridley Scott at the helm, "Gangster" is probably (if not definitely) in danger of overbloated grandiosity, but a "bloody good" movie needs some time to simmer.


Actual excitement over a Jay Z / Pharrell collabo? After the "Kingdom Come" debacle it's nice to have a mainstream hip hop release to look forward to (sorry Kanye/50, the 9/11 pop off came and went way too fucking quickly). Simple, stripped down, and sans unnecessary cameos by people that have no business being in there (Dale Earnhardt, really?)...though seeing the clip of Denzel gabbing with everyone's favorite Oscar winning "Snow Dog"-in "Radio" was a little disconcerning.

Project Jenny Project Jan another act that have gleamed my eye (or ear, whatever) and the transition from shitty warm feeling weather to S.A.D. shitty cold weather feeling can be better offset by catchy goodness like "It's Always So Sunny in Brooklyn." Enjoy a snippet:

Boyz II Men are back on the public radar, in support of a new tour and album, and people are actually caring almost a little this time, maybe for the first time since 1998. (or was it 1996? I always forget what part of the 90s everything became irrelevant all at once). This video has everything that was great about the 90s: Duane Martin, random hot lady in bath tub, production by Babyface, and my boy Michael, the deep-voiced-cane-pimpin-cat who made me the deep voiced mimic I am today. How the current incarnation of "Boyz" can go on with him and his scoliosis is beyond me.

My grandmother was celebrating her 80th birthday and my family threw a massive party complete with live band and all (in that fried, sticky manner only Flips know how to). Somewhere lost amid this joyous celebration, my cousins and I (a collective of inncouous mushroom topped boys punctuated by my overgrown fatassicity) somehow rationalized that performing "I'll Make Love To You" would be a great way to show our beloved matriarch our appreciation. She died shortly thereafter....not like I'm taking blame for that or anything. Though I was one sexy fucking nine year old.

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