Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Smart + Cool = Uh, Good?

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Sexy. Smart. Sexy. Well Written. Sexy. Dramatically Engaging and Socially Recognizant of a time period still echoed in today's supposed "era of equality. SEXY.

AMC's Mad Men has all the trappings of a great show that needs more than critical acclaim to get it going. The fact that it's on AMC, a network notable only for its catalog deficiency compared to TCM, isn't helping, but damn it people, it's SEXY! Not obnoxious, ha-ha-we're-smarter-than-you-elitist-sexy, but that fuck man, Don Draper and Joan are yum-sexy.
So watch it, before it goes away and Ron Howard decides to do a three-hour hemorrage inducing film about it.

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Pushing Daisies is another critical hit of the new season, with an interesting premise and an equally interesting atmosphere. With Barry Sonnenfeld recapturing the fun of his first "Men in Black," 'Daisies' feels like a mildly subdued Tim Burton project, with a charming balance of black comedy bouyed by an glowing color palette and a cute-as-fuck cast.

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