Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You Can Make It If You Try... To Get Naked

Sorry parents, the days of telling your little girls that emulating the local lady of the night will end up nowhere are long gone, as evidenced by recent events :

  • Apparently you can still collect worker's comp falling off a pole...

  • Slutty import car modeling career? Check. Faux music career bolstered by a rabid MySpace following primarily based on chronic masturbation? Check. "Reality" dating show where 16 men and 16 women compete for your bi-sexual affections?Umm....oh yeah...CHECK.

  • Even mistresses of a nationally abhorred 'roided out Hall of Fame a-hole can parlay that into a career...or atleast the customary spread in a girlie mag. Where's Jessica Hahn when you need her?

Thankfully, there is still some semblance of a balance in the world :

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