Thursday, November 15, 2007

Free Form Funkafied Fashionista Jam

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"Who Are You Polly Maggoo is a fun movie I found myself watching on Sundance the other night, reminding me of an "acquaintance" I once spent time with who was fascinated with anything/everything French. I even tried learning some French while I was with her. God...was she a mistake. A hot, sexy, incredibly overrated sexy-cause-she-says-she's-a-writer-but-I-never-bothered-to-read-her-shitty-work-sexy. Ah...high school, how I don't miss thee.

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Season Four of the glorious guilty pleasure known as "Project Runway" has just come underway, coming out the box with a...well, a whimper. I know it's only the first episode, and I know the show will eventually devise some hilariously over the top story arc to make me love/hate contestant X or Y, but it feels as if the life has finally been completely drained out of the show.

Drawing a sad parallel to another once fun reality show, "Runway" somewhat mirrors the trajectory of the "Real World" franchise, initially starting out with all the usual follies of strangers forced to live and work togeher, yet grounded in a fun reality of competition and conflict ( the RW had people coming into as naive guinea pigs, Runway had gleeful designers who genuinely relied on talent).

Yet now, as evidenced by last night's premiere, "Runway" has fallen into the same pitfall as many a "Real World" cast has; merely going through the motions and emulating past character archetypes as a means to gaining celebrity, not forwarding the initial show premise. Whereas, the appearance of Tim Gunn and his patriarchal guidance once bolstered a nice scene in the competition, now it feels, strained, forced, if not outright boring. Unlike prior casts, this one seems more self-aware than ever, as if hitting the usual points of hearing Gunn say "Make it work" was an obligatory episdoe design, not a part of a charming persona's character. (The fact that Gunn's "Guide to Style" is atrocious as fuck doesn't help either; didn't anyone take notes as to what made "Queer Eye" peter out so badly?)

Maybe I'll change my tune, maybe I'll find myself falling in love with the show and a quirky cast member, but my gut feeling says the end in imminent. (And I have one big perceptively large gut).

And as a stereotypically boarish heterosexual male, I'm sort of glad. Now maybe I won't have to watch show I badly want to run home late at night to catch the reruns of, while completely and totally ashamed for watching. The fact that this cast lacks any semblance of an attractive cast members puts the odds in my favor. (Oh Nora, Allison, and hell even Santino, how I miss thee.)

Now for a gratuitous video of Heidi Klum to help me reassert my overbearing massive heterosexual male man musk:

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