Saturday, November 17, 2007

a lady's response to the last three posts.

Everything Mr. Administrator writes gives me something muse on and so here is my take on the last three posts.

The Awe Inspiring Jeff Van Gundy.

There was a time when his reign of masculinity over the Knicks was a weekly fixture at my house. I would be forced into watching a basketball game with the father and the only thing that kept me awake (baseball might be "my" sport.... or curling.. haven't decided which yet) was a small man whose last name I would say in the same manner Seinfeld and gang would say, "Heeelllloooooo." It amused me to no end. Everytime his bird-like face would appear on screen I would mock his last name and watch intently for him to do something worthy of my affection. He always did and I never forgot him.
Cheers, Van Gundy, cheers.

Lackluster Episode One Of Project Runway Season 4

I love fashion reality shows. I eat them up with a spoon. America's Next Top Model, What Not To Wear, Project Runway, The Shot, and many more are like my favorite drug. That being said I can recognize shit when I see it. The first episode of ProRun (I've decided to call it that from now on... deal with my insanity, please?) was an example of how a very successful show can lose its thunder. Having a formula is fine, its worked for countless Next Top Model series, but there comes a point where one has to wonder about how far that formula is going. Like Mr. Admin said Tim Gunn's presence was usually a nice break from all the sewing, smoking, and shit talking. His little reminders that this really is about the fashion was welcomed. In this new episode Tim Gunn's catch phrases were met with applause from the contestants and I immediately wanted all of them to sew right through their hand. Though I may have recognized the first episode of crap I will continue to watch it like my life depends on it and will try my hardest to like one female designer this year. I'm more of a root for the fashionable young gay boys type of gal but I'm going to make an effort.

And if I don't connect with any of this year's characters I can always fall back on my latest YouTube discovery, Project Runway...CANADA!

Lucian is my favorite because his clothes are intricately beautiful.... and he's cute with a hot accent.

My Love of Saul Williams Contradicts My Love of Crap Pop Music

After Radiohead decided to release In Rainbows for nearly nothing I have searched the internet in hopes of finding similiar deals. The first one I discovered was that of the magazine named Paste which was allowing readers to pay as much as they wanted for a full year subscription. I paid $1 (the least allowed) and was content. Then I read on some music website that Saul Williams put out a new record and it was available on his website for the same deal. I was elated. I'm a fan of Saul Williams. I saw him open for Mars Volta awhile back and was bored to tears but grew to love him, his words, and the music his words are set to now. So I went to his site and got the album. I'm in the processing stage of my record review mindset and cannot give a 100% clear answer to the question, "Do you like the new Saul Williams album?" I can, however, say that my initial reaction was one of complete bliss. "Tr(n)igger" comes to mind as a track I told myself to listen to again with my full attention directed toward it. I can leave my lovefest rant with one observation: You can really hear Trent Reznor's influence on this album. The music, the tone of Saul's singing, etc... is heavily influenced by Mr. Reznor. Decide for yourself if that's a good thing.

So I like conscience rap-poets and I have a fondness for vapid pop music like Britney Spears. Does this make me a bad person? No, I like to think it makes me well rounded. Despite the fact that Ms. Spears is a complete life fuck up (we can smell our own,) her new album is complete pop heaven. It is extremely catchy and fun. It pains me to say that it's entirely enjoyable. Her one "slow" song, "Why Should I Be Sad", was either written, produced, or both by the Neptunes (Pharrell is all over that shit) and it can get stuck in your head for days. I'm going to recommend the song, "Toy Soldier," because I'm currently in love with how much of a Gwen Stefani rip off it is. It's one of those songs that you can listen to and just hear other pop "stars" singing. Any of Top 40's female chanteuses could have recorded this song and I spent countless hours imagining what it would sound like if Fergie or Rihanna had recorded it. In my head it wasn't very different but then again it isn't Spears singing, its ProTools. Chances are if you're sitting there reading this and pre-mocking me then you won't enjoy it at all but if you go into listening to this album with an open mind thats ready for fun, well, you'll be good to go.

Final Thoughts
I had a dream about Zombies and my friend, Jay, the other night. It was quite vivid and I might make a short film of it. Only reason I'm mentioning this is to accurately describe to you that I have too much time on my hands and not enough hobbies.

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