Friday, November 30, 2007

No Offense to Deaf People # 4

The fact that I enjoy odd shit like this is reason # 5,268 that I will die penniless, alone, and known only for contracting a rare strain of VD :


Speaking of crazy, I think Pitchfork and countless bloggers had it right when referring to Brian Wilson's horribly hapless attempt at late 80s/early 90s hip hop with a unanimous "WTF?" Either way, for Wilsonites it's amusing watercooler fodder in between your monotonous debates over whether or not "Pet Sounds" is better than the Ten Commandments. (It is. But just barely =)

Now onto more music:

I was slow to warm to the U.S. incarnation of "the Office," as many of my fellow diehard Gervais breathren would attest to being (la dame included), but it did grow on me and the crazy homocidal/homeless/kleptomaniac/real-life former rocker Creed Bratton is a delightful member of the cast. Though his official NBC blog, "Creed Thoughts" is mediocre at best. (Only further proof that this strike desperately needs to end)

Anyway, a long while back, while I was updating my iTunes (as I am privy to do, meticulously ensuring have the correct album artwork for every piece of music I have uploaded, including that horrific foray into Russian hip hop) I stumbled upon the pop/rock group the Grass Roots, which iTunes repeated mislabeled my "Best of the Roots" compilation mixtape as being associated with. (Fucking iTunes. The Black Keys are NOT the Black Crowes! But I digress).

Long story short, the Office's Creed was/is actually a member of this Grass Roots outfit, and I short of enjoy their brand of stereotypically catchy fare from this time period: (Creed's in the striped shirt and note the lame 'gardener' pun by the presenter. Ah, the 60s those were the great socially ignorant days)


Back in 2000, for some inexplicable reason, I was enamored with the hip hop group the Spooks and their debut "S.I.O.S.I.S." (Spooks Is On Some Other Shit; yeah, I know thought provoking shit, no?)

Their lyrics weren't exactly tight, on point, nor did they flow particularly well or carry any semblance of social consciousness. Their hooks were at times contrived, the poor use of Lawrence Fishbourne support and skits didn't help either.Yet I couldn't stop playing this fucking album for the life of me.

With members names like Booker T, Hypno, Joe Davis, Ming Xia (their Hispanic songstress) and Water Water (who apparently died before their recent mediocre release) how could they lose? Or better yet, how could group with above average beats and a catchy song like "Things I've Seen" not be bigger than it was?

Eitherway, R.I.P. Water Water (who I hope devised a better name in the afterlife) and enjoy their one sort-kinda-not-really-hit :

And for good measure their minor European hit, "Sweet Revenge":


Much props to my beloved hip hop music site-turn-insightful-all-encompassing-blog OKAYPLAYER for broadening their horizons even further than your prototypical hip hop site.

Speaking of which...did everyone notice Pharoahe Monch's return?

All of maybe five of us might've copped "Desire," the majority of 'heads too busy awaiting the lackluster 50/Kanye matchup, and disappointed by the unusually safe Kweli/Common releases need to really give Monch a second glance.

It may lack the club bangin bite of his breakthrough "Simon Says"

but cuts like the title track show a nice growth and progression in Monch's lyrical ability and a finely tuned ear to well placed soul samples never hurts (i.e. Jay's "American Gangster")


The Coup are fun. They actually do justify the designation of "funkafied" hip hop not readily grouped with Dre's 'G Funk'...and their lyrics are actually fun and smarter than your average bear or G Unit member.

From the early 90s:


Now for a new installment of "Horrible Album/Artist/Single/piece of plastic worth less than the money that was spent on purchasing it
" :

Tamar- "Tamar"...self titled debut by Toni Braxton's sister, Tamar. How on earth did I rationalize spending $9.99 on an album I had to yet to hear, from a performer whose main claim to fame is being another famous singer's sister (who I didn't even like)?

Teenage hormones + a wallet = a dangerously shameful combination

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