Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fantasy Leagues.

So I've been a witness to several crazy fantasy sports driven rants and I just want to say that I fucking hate anyone who takes part in a heated discussion involving fantasy sports. I've just declared hatred for about 75% of the people I know and it feels so damn fine.

Many years ago I was given the extreme pleasure of getting a spot on my uncle's fantasy baseball league. My sister and I shared the team and it showed through our choice of players. My sister was in love with Mike Piazza and set out to get him on our team while I was in love with a lesser known man named Joe McEwing.

His nickname is Super Joe and, by god, he sure was super in my book. Anyway we both got our choice of players and proceeded to lose every single week. I wasn't too concerned with it all but some of the other players wanted a challenge. In the end we won a grand total of once and had to cough up $20. Our poor adolescent lives were never the same.

After spending so much time away from this scene, I was recently thrown back into it kicking and screaming courtesy of my frat boy co-workers. Hour after endless hour I am tormented by talk of how many points this one got and how that one wanted to be up against "Tom" instead of "Mark." Again I wanted to shout, "FUCK YOU!"

Since there seems to be no escape from this torture I've found other fantasy leagues that I can be a part of. Leagues that revolve around reality t.v. and I couldn't be happier.
Here is my fantasy Project Runway team:

Fafarazzi is the place for all my fantasy league dreams.

Speaking of websites that bring me continuous joy, Swim At Your Own Risk is basically a big ole shark bite blog and I'm obsessed with it. I'm not sure why since I hate going to beaches, have a dislike for all things shark, and am not fascinated by gore-tastic images but it never fails to entertain me. I found this lovely mood stabilizer there and I will share it with you as a parting gift:

Happy shark watching.

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