Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ProRun Episode 3

Project Runway is an obsession of two of the writers on this blog. So I thought in addition to mr.editor's recaps I'd weigh in and give my two cents.

The first two episodes were a tad bit lackluster despite the appearance of ms. carrie bradshaw herself:

And the third episode not only continues in the trend of celebrity judges but brought about a new sort of judge. A male sports figure.
Mr. Tiki was it?

I guess the producers,creators, etc thought the show was becoming way too formulaic/boring/whatever and decided to throw a wrench into the mix by making the designers make clothes for an admittedly thick necked male. Most of these designers freaked out. And you could tell by their long faces:

And yet they forced themselves through it like champs.

Things we learned about our designers and ourselves this week:

Jack is HIV positive.

Christian fits in a bag and has been seen being carried into the workspace more than once.
He likes asians and thinks they are FIERCE!
All of the above makes him my favorite.

Chris March has never had any formal training but can make a mean pair of pants.

Rami is an ASSHOLE. Constantly pointing out how you didn't make your pants out of a pattern doesn't make you a god,dear... so shut the fuck up. 

It may be easy to design something but to make it is much harder. And apparently most of these designers only design and very rarely make.

Yup... she's still crazy. Crazy Spit Hippie Chick, Elisa, didn't want to watch her hot boy model to undress before her eyes because she's:
b)Committed to her hippie man?
c) ...Crazy.

I'd love to go into a tirade about Carmen's blue fabric masquerading as a shirt but ... alas everything that needs to be said has been said before. She put a swatch of blue fabric over his neck and called it a shirt. If she didn't get sent home I would've been intrigued to see how they'd explain that one but once again they showed themselves to be sensible in spite of ridiculous circumstances. I mean, Tiki, really? When I think fashion I think Tiki Barber and Good Morning America or whatever shit morning show that decided to hire a football player to get a bigger male demographic.

Anyway... ProRun episode 4 is about to start.

OH wait... Who the fuck is this girl?!?

maybe we'll find out soon.

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