Friday, December 14, 2007

Yet Another Thing Better Left Unknown...

In honor of the recent George Mitchell report debacle supposedly plaguing the sacred American pastime, I present another unnecessary spot of truth that spoils it for the rest of us enjoying the air of ambiguity:

Accomplished comedian, actor, and longtime friend and student of the late legendary Zen master of improv Del Close Bill Murray, takes all his improv chops and gives us...well, this. Here, after much spirited speculation, is his improvised final whisper from the indie-fav "Lost in Translation," finally revealed through digital processing, and behold... another lackluster clump of disappointment.

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Now cross your fingers and hope for another Ghostbusters sequel. Hell, if Indiana Jones and Rambo can do it, why can't Peter,Ray, Winston and Egon come back decrepit and old as well?

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