Thursday, January 3, 2008

Also-ran-Domness # 4

The modern professional athlete is defined by endorsements, spectacular physicality, and some of the most mundane, dead-pan personalities to grace the mainstream. Today's athlete doesn't speak his mind or provide a glimpse into his personality; he's cold, detached, and robotically concerned with not offending any possible commercial constituents.

Guys like Gilbert Arenas or even the at times annoyingly outspoken Curt Schilling are rarities, and such attempts at personality are too often maligned by ignorant, borderline racist sports columnists too busy fellating themselves on their high horses. (Yes Skip Bayless and Jay Mariotti, I'm talking to you.)

Which is why guys like Chris Bosh deserve some love, for reminding everyone that sports is about having fun, and (gasp!) having a personality doesn't hurt either.


This is honestly (and sadly) the only reason why I ran out to watch "I Am Legend" on IMAX:

For a better view, try this.

I never thought the disturbing look of a psychopathic clown murderer could fill me with such child-like joy.

Paul Rudd poking fun at the "Pick Up Artist" with David Wain? Uh...yeah...yum?

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