Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Enjoyably Pretentious

There are few things within the college experience more enjoyable than kicking ass in a class you make absolutely no effort in. My "Female Filmmakers of Europe" class was exactly that.

No reading the mind numbingly long essays, no studying, approaching every term paper and analytic discussion of a film like an off the cuff reparte among asshole film scholars, and drawing the ire of classmates who knew you were full of shit but didn't have enough evidence to call you on it...God those were the days.

Anyway, a new Criterion Collection of Agnes Varda films has hit the shelves, complete with my personal favorite, the visually alluring "Cléo from 5 to 7"

and the polarizing emptiness of "Sans Toit ni Loi (Vagabond)"

Check em out, they're pretty, precious, pretentious, but perfect for a game of "Guess How Much Smarter I'm Pretending To Be Just By Bringing These Films Up." Always kills at cocktail parties.

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