Sunday, January 20, 2008

a lady's take on football

Giants won!

Well look at that... They are actually going to the Super Bowl. The only reason I know about any of this is because of two things: my family and my Sega Dreamcast.

Like most men in the New York City area, the males in my family came together, plopped in front of our t.v., drank excessively, and watched "the game." I get sucked into the general splendor simply out of being a daddy's girl. I like hanging out with the boys and so I adapt. I know about baseball, football, and basketball. I can watch games and make insightful observations. Its one of those things most people don't really know about me. I'm not a huge fan of sports and I get easily annoyed when people around me talk about sports but I can sit down and watch a game like a champ. That being said I watched today's game and saw all the men in my family flip out when that last kick went straight through the goal posts.

I get excited about the Super Bowl. I like the commercials. Its a fun time in my house. Lots of food, angry men, and yelling. That sure sounds like a good time to me.

I began this odd interest in football in daze. It was post 9/11 New York and I , like a lot of people, was just trying to take my mind off of everything. I delved deep into the only video game system that could keep my attention, Sega Dreamcast.

I have gamer ADD. I can't stay on one game for too long. So when I was finished trying to kill my sea-man and banging my crazy taxi into walls I popped in the one game that my dad bought for himself to play, NFL 2K.

I started out a novice but by the time the Super Bowl finally came around I was kicking ass left and right on that game. My team of choice just happened to be the New England Patriots. I was rooting for them to win the Super Bowl that year because I was winning with them on my game. If anything I'm a simple person and my loyalty for something as trivial as a football team, (well to me it was trivial) could've been swayed with the pettiest of things. My video game team won the Super Bowl and I was there watching at the edge of my seat as Adam Vinatieri kicked that ball right on through. It was a happy moment for me.

Now my beloved video game team goes up against the most unlikely of New York teams to be seen in the Super Bowl. The Giants are going to play against my Patriots, a team that hasn't lost a single game yet. They are seemingly unbeatable and the Giants are taking them on in two weeks. Now I'm not sure how to break it to my family but I don't think they are going to do so well. Even with the loss of my beloved kicker, Vinatieri, the Patriots still kick ass and the Giants are, well, the Giants. Either way I guess I'll be content considering there will be food, yelling, and the occasional severely drunken ramblings of a long lost great cousin.

Whatever the outcome two weeks from now the men will reconvene and start their ritual all over again with me sitting in a corner quietly rooting for everyone.

maybe I should break out the Dreamcast again....

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