Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love's Lost Lucidity

This week's Time Magazine cover feature does an interesting job of exploring the motivations of love, from the scientific, the flirtatiously psychological, to the irrational and manages to thoughtfully provoke some semblance of intriguing debate and discussion, a quality often lost in many current issues of Time.

The magazine raises interesting issues contrasting general interpretations of love, as well as medical ones (the Pill's the reason people end up in bad marriages?) but for all intensive purposes it essentially comes to a somewhat disappointing conclusion: no matter how much science and research helps us understand our biological and emotional urges, we're still in the dark as to what the fuck love is.

No matter how much we as a people, as a species has come, ideologically or scientifically, the irrationality of our physical urges continues to plague us. We love because we can't help it, and when we try to, we fall into the holes of synthetic byproducts that only prolong the pain and confusion, that never help us understand it any better.

Inarguably large sectors of the global economy are dependent on this unexplainable entity, whether it be in the form of empty symbolic gifts to appease the ones we long for, or unemotive objects of objectification, always ready and willing to arouse and away from the judgmental spectre of social interaction.

It's no wonder why religiousity in many respects is intrinsically linked to the idealism of love; both can only exist if one is willing to believe it.

Yet that is why we are forever at a romantic crossroads; if generations of people have been incapable of solving their quarrels over ideology and faith, then the constant strain to know how to get what we really want and what is really good for us will continue to be mutually exclusive interests.

In the end, even if we finally all knew better, would it solve anything, or merely provoke new strains of thought as to how to undermine ourselves?

Till then, let's enjoy our manipulative money grubbing attempts at love...

...as well as come up with new ways of loving ourselves.

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