Wednesday, January 2, 2008

ProRun Episode 5

First off let me berate my fellow writers on this blog: Seriously guys, you let the first blog of 2008 be a project runway recap. Man, we are so screwed as bloggers. Hahaha.

Secondly: HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2008 is gonna be the year. The year for what I'm not sure but it'll be something.

And lastly:

ProRun Episode 5 recap!

So we start out this episode mourning the loss of Chris March and Jack's face swollen as all hell. Jack talks about how he's had staph infections before and Sweet P cries over the loss of happy big ole Chris.

They bring out the models and apparently its feel good makeover time for the designers. Heidi explains that all these women have lost tremendous amounts of weight and that our favorite little seamstresses will be making new items that flatter the new bodies these women have out of their favorite "fat girl" outfits. And what I can only guess is purely for entertainment purposes one of the women chose her wedding gown as her favorite "fat girl" outfit. Poor Steven was chosen to be the wedding dress' designer. Oh and my Christian got a woman who basically told him she doesn't like to wear anything but a black t-shit and jeans.

When they walked into the design room Tim finds a note from Chris and says, "Sweet and Wonderful Chris," before reading it out loud to the designers. Sweet P, once again, starts to cry and throws her head onto the table in front of her. Is it really such a huge deal that this guy left the show? I mean, dear god, Tim Gunn was getting emotional reading the letter. Was Chris really that amazing?!

Once they started their designs Jack decided it was time to call his doctor about his swollen face. It turns out that he might have a MRSA on his face and his doctor told him to come in as soon as he can. So Jack tells Tim, who was tearful and strong... just like I imagine him to be, that he has to leave and Tim makes Jack tell the rest of the designers that he's leaving. They all cried, hugged, and said things like, "We'll be friends forever!" Poor Jack walked out of the design room and into our hearts forever.

...Oh Bravo, how can you play with our hearts like this?! Jack had to leave but you teasing us and making us feel horrible after kicking off Chris only to bring him back in what seems like the easiest re-entry to the ProRun world is just CRUEL!!!! Ahh fuck this step by step recap.

Things we learned about our designers and ourselves this week:

Sweet P is a very emotional person. Her rough and tough exterior falls quickly when a quirky gay gets kicked off. Where is her bad ass alter ego she promised in the first episode? All we've seen so far is the schmaltz and tears.

Tim Gunn has made many 3am mistakes. He is more than fantastic. He is a 3am freak and thats why I love him.

Kit and Christian speak to each other in sassy noises.

Ricky is a tool. He apparently cries over everything. Sweet P and Ricky should start a cry club.

Rami and Jillian continue their love affair by glancing at each other and giggling. Flirt all you want Jill, honey, but I think Rami is gay.

"How fierce is this?" - Tim to Christian regarding his outfit. Tim Gunn just gave me another reason to love him.

The judges decided Steven had to go because it truly seemed like it was slapped together with a piece of tape and a prayer.

And the best news EVER: Christian WON the challenge!!!!

Hershey's store for the next challenge... why count me in.
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