Wednesday, January 9, 2008

ProRun Episode 6

It's time to recap the first ProRun of the new year!!!  Entering 2008 with new episodes of ProRun is like coming home to a present. It just makes me damn happy.

First off let me just start the pity party for my favorite whack job, Eliza.

Dear Eliza,
Your unorthodox way of making a garment caught us all of guard. I must admit spitting on a garment as a way to mark it is inventive. Your simplistic design was something to be admired. Making an entire dress out of one cut is impressive. Yet most of your other designs were less than stellar bordering on childlike. Your spirit, hippie chic was at times amusing and sometimes very fucking annoying. In the last two weeks we were dealt the blow that you were in a horrific car accident. How are we supposed to deal with the guilt of that this brings? Not only were you in a car accident but now you have been kicked off of this show that it seems you weren't even qualified to be on.  You lost with the one design you've made for your daughter. Those judges just about kicked you in the groin with that Auf. 
Stay strong, hippie chick. Your life is one big peace sign and nothing can change that.
Love La Dame
PS: I can't wait for your appearance on the reunion show.

Things we learned about the designers and ourselves this week:

Kevin is lonely. He's the last guy left in his ProRun suite.

Christian, my baby, didn't care that Steven got kicked off and sleeps wearing a hat apparently.

Sweet P wasn't picked last to choose something this time around which caused applause from her fellow contestants. Not picking last didn't help her with this challenge.

Kit is HIDEOUS! 

They all seemed way too excited to be making outfits out of Hershey products.

Sweet P's head is a strange, strange place. Your designs are not good.

Christian calls Reese's Pieces Reesey Pieces. It's endearing but only because I love him. If Kit was the one saying Reesey Pieces I would HATE her.

Jillian and Rami' s love fest continues in the form of one on one talk marathons and loving glances.
"I'll wear it... that's for sure!"- Jillian in response to Tim telling Rami he's designing for Jillian.

Jillian is still dull. Excruciatingly boring and mostly annoying.

Rami won as the judges praised his lovely little design. 

The judges kept commenting on the designers losing the joy in working with candy products. I'm not sure why they kept commenting on that and I will now accuse Michael Kors of losing the joy when it comes to producing witty one liners. BRING BACK THE JOY, KORS!!!

I, of course, can admit that I dropped the ball on this one. I wasn't really paying attention to the screen. I was only looking up whenever I heard that little angel's voice. Oh Christian leave us with more sound bites!!!

Episode 7 preview: PROM DRESSES!!! oh ew. Kevin tan! Christian in a fix!! Oh dear... I'm excited.

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