Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ProRun Episode 7

As our fearless leader explores the endless possibilities in blogging through Tumblr, I will continue to post ProRun updates until he tears this bad boy down! I've experimented with Tumblr and it scares me. BLOGGER FOREVER!!

That being said let's talk about episode 7 of our favorite television show, Project Runway.

No one really talks about the passing of Eliza and if they do its out of apparent happiness. Guess none of those fancy designers liked our magic woman as much as we did. You know, with the exception of stupid Victorya who sorta kinda missed her.

Rami talks some shit about being the best and Kevin comments on the replacement models. Seems like they've been doing this sort of challenge a lot lately. Prom dresses and teenage girls filled this episode with a lot of unnecessary drama within me.

The girls got to pick which designers they wanted to make their dress. They had a little pow wow with their little pets and it was off they go.

Christian fell straight to the floor after meeting with his client Maddy, who happens to be super bitch designer in training. She takes his pen and starts designing her own dress. Poor Christian didn't know what to do with all of that super bitchiness. He met himself in a less talented female form and it wasn't pretty.

Things We Learned About Our Designers And Ourselves This Week:

Christian showed his age by blaming his model for EVERYTHING. Just like us young kids blaming everything on somebody else.

Victorya made an "executive decision" about changing her dress... except Christian was the one who gave her advice on how to change it. Fucking Victorya wins because CHRISTIAN gave her advice. Victorya you win again, you evil bitch.

Rami and Jillian share a few words... googly eyes and all.

Christian formed a defeatist attitude and it's a side of him I never want to see again! Cheer up, baby. I'll always think that you won this season even if you lose. I refuse to acknowledge anyone other than you winning this thing.

Rami grew up in Jerusalem and didn't have a prom. Poor, Overconfident, ASShole Rami. (Can you tell how much I don't like him?)

Sweet P went to catholic school and I feel her pain. When she told the kids to look at her and see what they'll be in thirty years, I laughed and nodded sympathetically. I may not be 30 but I can understand where she's coming from. Us catholic school ladies know what the secret is.

Chris drank a bunch and watched old movies for his prom. Yeah, I drank and spent my prom at my 20 year old sister's baby shower. Yep... We rule.

Kit was a prom princess. Guess her stoner image is preceded by the stereotypical good girl image.

Kevin, who was auf'd this week, had the best picture from past. Let's just say he was certainly from New Jersey.

He also felt the need to call out his teenager's ethnicity. Unnecessary!

Michael Korrs may have a crush on Ricky. When explaining his dress Ricky said that it was something he would wear for prom. Mr. Korrs then said, "Perfect with your ASS." Oh my.. Are these two forming another love fest? Will they take over the title from Jillian and Rami? Exciting.

Christian was in the bottom two and I freaked out a bit. Little screaming fits occurred when the dramatic music set in and right when Heidi was about to say a name I fidgeted a lot. Luckily for me Kevin was kicked off and Christian was given the chance to stay. Thank goodness.

Until next time..

Oh shit... I found out why Christian was in the bottom two. HE WAS SABOTAGED!

I always knew Rami and that girl were in cahoots. I KNEW IT!

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