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ProRun Episodes 8 and 9

I thought I'd catch up and write two recaps in one post.
I'll be writing the second episode along with the broadcast so excuse me if my thoughts are scattered or if they make no sense. Let's get started shall we:


ANOTHER TEAM CHALLENGE! I think I might puke.
This season seemed to have the most team challenges which makes me want to write a mean spirited letter to Bravo. Let them work on their own. Yeah, for the most part, they are all boring and very quiet people but you need to let them be. Trying to cause drama by pairing them together isn't something that should be done every other episode.

They were told to create an avante garde design based on their models' hair. Chris March freaked out a little bit in a good way.
One of the models kicked off had dreadlocks. I wish they would've used her!

Imagine the gown they could've made with that hair as inspiration. Any other designer from previous seasons would have been like, "FUCK YEAH!" They boring ass people opt to kick her out instead. Losers... let the girl with the dreads play!

Here are the following teams:

My sweet little angel, Christian, and Chris March.
Gay boy heaven. Christian is the leader.

Sweet P Vaughn and that bastard, Rami.
Rami is the bald evil mastermind.

Jillian and Victorya.
yawn. Does it matter which one is the leader? They are both equally annoying.

Kit Pistol and Ricky.
I completely forgot they were even in this episode. I was halfway finished writing about this one and then remembered I didn't put them in. Whoops. Kit led this bore-fest.

Rami as a team leader is like working under a really anal boss. He was constantly all over Sweet P asking her if she finished this and if she did that yet. Rami needs to fucking stick his shit in his mouth and leave Sweet P alone. Puh-lease, like Rami is perfect... Just because you think you're hot shit doesn't make you awesome. YOU MAKE IT HARD FOR HER TO WORK!! Asshole.

Christian and Chris work together beautifully. They complement each other and show the other two teams how to make something happen while not being complete assholes to each other. They should've taken notes and then given the Chris combo money for providing them a learning experience. THAT'S how good they worked together.

...Jillian and Victorya were quietly annoyed at everything. Neither one wanted to let the other get the leader position. So they quietly argued it out and Bitch Victorya won the title. They weren't working fast enough and when Tim mentioned that they had to make another dress Victorya said, with her emotionless straight face, that she was angry and felt sick. Every moment these two are on the screen is wasted time. They contribute nothing but emotionless faces and the random odd sound bite.

Kit Pistol and Ricky worked together fairly well but I don't think they completely grasped the idea of avant garde. ... man I really have nothing to say about those two.

Things We Learned About Our Designers And Ourselves This Week (Ep8):

Rami disregarded Tim's advice to do something different. Doesn't he know that Tim is ALWAYS right?


Team Ferosh! Yeah... with a name like that you knew they HAD to win.

Apparently when presented with the idea of Avante Garde Kit and Ricky thought that they should go for the Raggedy Ann look.

Rami is great at draping but bad at everything else. Nina called him on his shit.  Go Nina, you spicy lady.

Chris and Christian's designs got a photo shoot and some sort of ad recognition. I'll never see it...

Kit Pistol got kicked out and I didn't notice. 
Hopefully Ricky or one of the boring twins gets kicked off this next episode. 
I think its time to call out my final three: Christian, Chris, and Rami-hole.

Episode 9

And the episode starts out with Victory-bitch calling Sweet P Kit repeatedly even after being corrected multiply times. Ricky talks about something that makes him weepy. I wasn't really paying attention. I was listening to my sister ramble off a ProRun text message. It was something along the lines of how sad Sweet P was when Kit got kicked off and how they had a joke about being each other's wife... yeah.

Another field trip!? Oh Tim, you crazy rascal. Tim's calling everyone fabulous. Christian called the different boroughs, "boro", and fabulous but not in a good way.


And there they met the challenge. They have to make an entire outfit out of Levi jeans. Go overt advertisements.
They were told to run to the fabric and they did. Sweet P lost a shoe and they all ended up with dirty Port Authority floor jeans. yum.

Everyone was having a really shitty time dealing with the denim. I like to think that it had something to do with the constant battle between making a wearable outfit and making their models look like the Marlboro man or Britney/Justin circa the late 90's:

Jillian's mental state is rapidly declining and after breaking into a silent sob after pricking her finger, it's showing. She knows that Bryant Park is close and bitch needs to stop complaining and start working it. Plus that jacket is getting made like every episode. They should probably tell her to stop making it. She's a one trick pony.

Kudos to Victorya who decided to steal Jillian's jacket trick after working with her. Man, I guess thats one way to get to the top. Steal the outfits of the other designers. Go for it... I hope she get kicked off but I think Sweet P might be Auf'd tonight.

Christian has immunity and cannot be kicked off. I will not have to worry about him tonight. Thank God.

Ricky starts to cry and Heidi gets into her best Tyra and asks, "What's up with you?"
(text update: Apparently Ricky got heat for crying after judging and his excuse was I just can't help it.)

Things We Learned About The Designers And Ourselves This Week:
Rami looked like a girl when he was a baby.

Everyone agrees Christian is a child. Oh wait, he's 21. Yeah he's a baby but he's also the youngest one around.

Victorya got whatever she wanted. Her mommy made her everything. Fortunate Bitch...

Apparently Christian thinks that Ricky should've gone home instead of Kit. He also called him annoying.

Ricky fired back by making fun of Christian by saying He's (Ricky) not one to go around and call himself great.

Chris talks to his clothing... We've seen this sort of behavior before in Daniel Franco (Sn1 and Sn2)

Sweet P has completely changed her outfit more times than any other designer. At least more than any designer that I can remember.

Chris called Jillian on her shit. Jill, hon, he's right. Stop taking on such detailed pieces and then complaining about how little time you have.

Immunity has been auf'd apparently. No more sending back the safe designers first. Oh my, that's how you know that B.Park is getting close.

Rami is the judges boy toy. They love him and I hate that. Har Har... yeah I'm not joking. Man, I hate him.

Michael Kors loves Amy Winehouse and brings that into judging. He also brought in the fact that he'd wear Sweet P's outfit with the right pair of heels.

Nina called Mr. Kors a lady. Aww... they have a working relationship.

RICKY WON!?!? what the fuck!? He's going to be this year's Wendy Pepper. You're a lingerie designer. Get Auf'd already, please?
And Victorya is out. At least one of the people I wanted to leave is gone. Dull woman number one is gone and now I wait for the other to get kicked off.

And our preview for next week includes Michael Kors saying he feels like the Pope at a sex show. Oh my... can't wait. This looks like it might be this year's ice skater outfit challenge.

I'll leave you with a link for Malan Breton's new webshow on the Bravo website. They gave him a webshow. Fabulous.

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