Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When In Doubt, Shamelessly Crossover

After a fairly bumpy first few weeks back from the two month strike hiatus, "A" Daily Show and the ColbERT Report, have made a nice run of shows, relying on their off-the-cuff comedic timing during interviews to compensate for the lackluster writer-less segments. Though opening segments and correspondent pieces are few and far between as the strike languishes on, Stewart continues to work his charming conceit, while Colbert relies more than ever on his ability to improvise in character.

The two of them genuinely have fun working with each other (as any studio audience member or member of the staff would readily attest to) and seeing them goofing off when the cameras aren't on is a sight to behold. Which is why the shameless publicity "crossover" between "The Daily Show," "Colbert Report," and "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," is a welcome event, the best of New York's late night shows helping each other out in a WGA strike afflicted world.

Current Colbert Report showrunner/producer Allison Silverman was also a writer/producer at Conan, which makes the "crossover clash" all the more sense.

It's interesting to note that during the strike, there seems to be a more unified front of support among the NYC comedy talk shows (Letterman's first night back showcased TDS, Colbert, and Conan writers; strikebeards), while LA's Leno and Kimmel appear more embittered than empathetic, even when they attempted a half-hearted crossover of their own:

Speaking of Leno, New York Magazine has a great article on why he continues to trounce Letterman in the ratings, despite the lack of a deal with his writers or eye candy celebs unwilling to cross the picket line. It's successes like Jay's "Tonight Show," "Two and a Half Men," and last weekend's number one "Meet the Spartans," that makes the prospect of Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" frighteningly plausible.

One other note: I almost forgot that beards can sometimes be pretty friggin' sweet.

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