Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Best Writer's Strike Time Waster Ever?

Yes I'm a homer and I'm not exactly breaking new ground by saying last night's TDS was arguably one of the best ever, but it's definitely the one of the best writer-less ones ever. Key highlights :

Act 1: Jon Stewart gushes about the Giants unexpected victory and his personal disdain for Beantown sports team loving co-workers...yum.

Act 2: Stewart is "unexpectedly" expectedly surprised by Colbert and Conan eatin' for a beatin' (the use of awkward hallways conversation between the three of em is definitely some of the best commercial break fodder they've all respectively had in a while)

Act 3: Jonny Stew actually loves "ProRun" and enjoys the frank convo of one Tim Gunn! Now, granted, I've recently washed my hands of this debacle of a "ProRun" season, but hearing another straight heterosexual male comedian I admire admit to such enjoyment brings me joy. (Suck it Leno)

Having Letterman take even the most minute part in this time wasting 'battle" would have been a sweet coup for the writer-less NYC three, but either way, it was good fun seeing them goof around and string us along for a good hour and 12 minutes. How much sweeter would it have been with facial hair? Maybe we'll never know...tear.

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