Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Day the Crunk Died...


The Crunk Juice has finally run dry.

As a former intern at TVT, I wish the best for all the great people, from the receptionists to the delivery guys, to the execs and promotion people that busted their asses in making that company work.

But for all the self absorbed assholes who shat on everyone because of a few minor hits and the most minute amount of notoriety...ha...ha. A profanity-laced tirade was well in the works, but it just didn't seem right to kick a dog while it's down. I'll let Trent Reznor do that. Still...putang ina mo. (Let's see someone try diciphering that.)

In Memoriam:

My favorite photo of the Crunk Master exploiting the oddest cross promotional relationship between black music and a Canadian sport ever...

And my favorite terribly named "alternative-hardcore-punk-pop-crap rock" TVT band Bobaflex doing a surprisingly spirited cover of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back."

(Moment of silence as Kristin Cavallari pours a little Crunk Juice on the sidewalk.)


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