Friday, February 22, 2008

Live Review: Dave Hill Explosion w/Amy Sedaris & Bob Mould

(Courtesy of thepiratehat's Flickr)

Let's make this quick:

-Dave Hill is hilarious, wonderful, and brings me joy when few others can. (though tonight he seemed a little rusty/flat; maybe it was the few weeks off or something, but the "Explosion" didn't bring as much heat as it usually does.)


-Amy Sedaris is a diabetic nightmare dipped in honey. I would undergo a dangerously experimental procedure to have her babies I love her that much. (although her googly-eyes craft was a Conan-retread, anything with that little lady is a-okay in my book)


-Bob Mould seems like a cool guy to have a beer with. (I'm not the biggest Hüsker Dü fan, but he was an interesting interview, were it not for his impromptu slightly indicpherable, feedback ridden performance.)

-Beloved UCB tech Pat Baer is the sweetest, coolest guy is the whole world, but don't you dare go way over a half hour over your allotted time...or feel his wrath.


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