Monday, February 11, 2008

ProRun Episode 10: The Real Deal

Yeah, that's right. It's time.

What with all the excitement of ProRun's Bryant Park suprise, I completely forgot to even take a look back at this week's episode. I mean, holy moly, Posh Spice! I heard the rumors but I didn't think it would be true. I can't wait for my precious Christian to lose his shit around her. I can only imagine how much he loved The Spice Girls. I'm a cold hearted bitch now but back in the day I loved those Spicey Girls. To hear Ferosh go up against MAHJAH will make my pretty little head explode with happiness.

Since I've been battling a late night death battle with heartburn/acid reflux, I've finally found time to write this recap.

Let's start out with the following:
Ricky still isn't getting the love he wants from the other designers. And the girls comment on how they don't want to let the boys dominate over Bryant Park. I have a feeling that despite Boring Jill and Sweet P's discussion the boys will definitely dominate at Bryant Park.

Once again its a field trip and I'm already filled with hatred. Christian semi-threatened Tim Gunn saying that their upcoming challenge better be fierce. WWE girls wanting new costumes is so NOT fierce.
And Tim decides to stand next to a bunch of trannies that end up being the WWE ..::ahem:: ladies. They do some of their faux fighting. Nothing UFC style but I guess it shows their merit. I can find nothing amusing about this little display and stop paying attention. At that time I started browsing various websites and found most of it quite amusing. I mentally tuned back in when they were already in the workroom.

They all meet their respective tranny ladies and start brainstorming ideas.
Chris March appropriately describes the outfits they've been commissioned to make as "stripper/tranny wear." Oh baby you've taken the words right out of my mouth.

Sweet P had to tackle creating something with a dash of vintage sexpot and alot of GLITTER!!! She struggled hardcore with this challenge. She came up with this hot mess:
Like a 30 year old stripper waiting to go on stage...

Rami was given the sexy innocent outfit. He doesn't know sexy innocent. Rami only knows sexy draping. The result of working outside of his element (again) is this little nasty ass number which Nina totally owned him on:
It's puke pink draping. Ugh...He obviously does have a problem grasping the concept of innocent but sexy.

Chris March, who may have been the ONLY one excited about this challenge, had to create a leopard queen pouncing bitch outfit. He could've done an all out fuck all crazy masterpiece of an outfit but he held it all back and made something that was really appropriate and rather fabulous.
She looks like she's ready to get out there and kick some ass. I love it!

Boring Jill had to create a sexy sporty outfit. You know, I'm sensing a theme of sexy. Anyway she went ahead and tried her boring best and came up with the following:
eh.. She looks like a bad Sporty Spice imitation. All she needs is a high ponytail and bad teeth. Tell me what you want what you really really want..

Christian ran with it. Christian took the challenge and went the whole nine years to a fabulous place. For goodness sake HE MADE CHAPS!! HE MADE LEATHER CHAPS!
She wanted vixen and she got vixen. Girly looked like she would be kicking ass, taking names, and then put you down for a good time. She's crazy like that.. or I assume she's crazy like that.

Ricky made an orange swimsuit. An unflattering, nasty swimsuit. After taking a look at this mess there will be no doubt as to why he got kicked off.
Yeah... crying boy needed to be out a few weeks ago but I'll take what I can get. I'm just glad he didn't weasel his way into the final three.

The tears will form a fucking river. Get your goddamn paddles out assholes...

Things We Learned About The Designers And Ourselves This Week:

Jillian wears 8 inch heels. Well thats something...

Baby Boy is a beast! Sweet P challenged Christian to a duel and Christian beat her ass. Hard Sweet P got messed up by my sweet little Christian.

"I've met some fierce bitches up in my life" - Christian.

Christian is starting to get the game. He's stopped giving people pointers, in particular Ricky.

Rami, once again, said that this isn't his style or whatever... ass. Mr. Gunn called him on his shit and immediately replied, " I know!" The sass coming out of Mr. Gunn is fantastic.

Gunn said Fierce again.. oh my heart swells.

Tim vs WWE ladies. Tim can take them.

Chris/Christian lovefest makes me giggle and smile like a school girl.

Dear Rami,
You were smoking crack. You know pleasing a client isn't the only thing to do.
Love your biggest enemy,
La Dame

I've never hated Jillian or Rami as much as I do as the weeks go by and Bryant Park gets closer. I don't think either of them are getting auf'd and that makes me sad. Boring Jill is skating through her quiet shortcomings. She's lucky that there are still a few in the competition that completely suck. They haven't gotten on her for making the same jacket the entire season. Rami on the other hand is an asshole who refuses to go outside his preferred element and take a chance while being a condescending prick to the rest of the contestants. We all know you're the judges' pet but as Nina so delightfully told you this week, "You're one of my favorites but sorry."

Chris won this challenge simply due to his awesome abilities to make fab out of spandex. Congrats Chris March!

Hopefully I'll be able to tackle next week's episode on the same night of the program. Until then:

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