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ProRun Episode 11

So this is it folks, the day we all find out who actually makes it to Bryant Park. Will it be lovable Chris March, who employs a fun sense of design to complete his often costume-y outfits, overconfident Rami, who refuses to in the very least adapt to the changing scenery and step outside his comfort zone, boring Jillian, who can't finish a design on time and does nothing to warrant attention, whimsical Sweet P, who always manages to turn out a somewhat okay design after a Tim discussion, or fierce Christian, who can do NO wrong in my eyes?

Time will tell..

We begin with Sweet P being shocked that she wasn't kicked off last episode, Rami saying it was his 5 year-old dream to be a designer, and Chris saying its time to buckle down.

Heidi kicks off yet another forgettable model and lets the designers know that the next challenge will decide who will make it to Fashion Week and two designers will end up getting kicked out.

They end up on yet another field trip. Tim stands triumphantly against the MET. Rami has never been there and so he was excited. Oh Rami, fall down the stairs and stop remarking about how big the MET is.
Apparently no one else was in the museum with them. That would have scared me. I used to live in that place and I would always get too freaked out if I was alone in one of their quiet hallways.
Jillian is inspired by it and says there is nothing more inspiring in the country.

Tim lets them know that they must create an outfit inspired by a piece of art. Since the MET is a huge museum, they've narrowed down where they can get their ideas from: the Greek Roman sculpture yard, the European Painting Gallery, & the Temple of Dendur (my personal favorite place in the MET.)

They head off to Mood, buy their fabric and start their work.
Sweet P was about to quit her business before coming out here. She's out of funds and so needs to win because her business will go under if she doesn't. Bit of the drama queen Sweet P is becoming, huh?

Sweet P's model doesn't show up until 2 hours before they are to go to bed.

Collier Strong makes his first appearance on this year's ProRun. I've seen him on ProRun and ANTM. All I want to know is where to get one of those face papers. His bald head is really distracting anyway.

Chris finishes early and takes a nap. Christian finished early and instead of napping, makes his finishing touches. Tim gets annoyed that Chris decides to take his finished time to take a nap. He asks if his design is Wow-able and then drags him back to the workroom to show his outfit to him. Tim doesn't think it's done and is worried. Chris, on the other hand, thinks its perfect and is willing to back it up on the runway.

Tim loves Christian's white shirt. Tim and Christian have a great relationship. Christian called Tim, "lady." That's fierce.
Tim isn't all too excited about Sweet P's design.
And when it comes to Jillian, I wasn't paying attention to what Tim said.
Rami draped again and Tim told him about his overuse of draping and how Nina doesn't want to see it anymore. Rami, the asshole, tells him it's their fault for letting them choose Roman draping as an inspiration. Stupid Rami.

Rami's head must have exploded at the thought of working on something Grecian and draped. His pants got all wet over the statue of Aphrodite. Here's the result:

Sweet P uses a painting called "Peacocks" as her inspiration. This is what she came up with:

Jillian is trying to show her edgy side by designing something with that same old jacket she is constantly making. Here's her boring ass jacket design again:

Christian is inspired by a Spanish military painting. Look at that kid go:

Chris is making something from a portrait of a French noblewoman. And one more:

Things We Learned About The Designers And Ourselves This Week:

Jillian sounds high when talking about the MET. When she started talking about it being spiritual, it was almost like she was seeing it all with a hazy sort of good time vibes.

Sweet P, just so you know... if you touch the painting, you'll get yelled at by the guards. I, uh, have experience with that.

Chris laughs too loud at the MET. God, Chris would you just get that thing under control.

People are giving Christian shit because he's really fast when he sews. Bitches need to shut up and sew.

Christian and Jillian are over it all. dum dum dum.

Jill takes too long and Christian makes a comment. Jill thinks he's really arrogant. That may be so, but the kid has the chops to back it up.

After highschool, Christian went straight to London to work with the big dogs in the fashion industry. Told you he had the chops.

Day of the runway, and Christian makes sure his mane was extra fierce. It sure was. Make that thing more pointy, kid. Do it for us with the blase hair.

Christian wanted to cut somebody every five minutes in the competition. Somehow I knew this guy would be just like me. One minute we're okay with a person, and the next we're at their throats. Love Him!

Rami and Jillian continue their lovefest by trying to talk as one. The word "We" is used too often between them.

Sweet P's Lea sends her confidence and peace by moving her hands about in a strange way. Oh my goodness, that sure is something.

Chris works on the theory that he doesn't think he'll make it to Bryant Park but that it's a small possibility that he might.

Jillian quietly freaks out over the lack of steam. It's hilarious to hear her quiet curse bleeped out. She doesn't curse. She's more likely to bleep herself out.

Chris is just saying everything that I'm thinking. What's with Rami's constant draping and all that jazz? He draped Spandex last challenge! Who does that!? I guess he's sticking with the Uli pattern strategy.


And now for the judging of the last runway show before Bryant Park. Collier Strong shows why he got the check to appear on the show and Tim made a comment about making Nina spit wine across the runway. Oh, Tim.

The judges commented on Rami's overuse of draping, Sweet P's commonplace designs, and Chris' use of a previous design.

The winners are:

CHRISTIAN WON!!!!! They love him and so do I.

Jillian squeaked on by with her semi-original design. I wonder if anyone on the panel sees that she's using the same jacket design each challenge. Anyhoo, she gets in and then, while celebrating with Christian, briefly shows the viewing public her underwear. I can't believe Heidi thought her designs were bold.

And for the shocker: both Chris and Rami will be designing for Bryant Park, but only one will be in the competition. They need to present their three strongest designs and only one will get chosen to compete.

Sweet P is out and cries on her exit interview. I'm upset I never got to see her bitchy side that she mentioned in the beginning.

Well, here we are at the end of another season. We only have two more episodes to go and thats it. Will Christian actually get the win or will Rami steal the show? I'm not sure, but I know we'll have Posh Spice and a lot of fierce fashion to deal with. I love it all.

I doubt I'll do one of these for the reunion show. I'm not a big fan of those types of shows. It's a waste of ProRun magic.

Until next time:

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