Friday, February 29, 2008

Somewhere in the World, Dana Carvey is Seething

After workshopping this character for well over a year at the Magnet Theater and other places, the trailer for Mike Myers' new flick, "The Love Guru" was finally unveiled on television last night and...

I'm not one to quickly dismiss a film based primarily on an ill conceived trailer, but after his adventurous Magnet shows and a somewhat interesting interaction between Myers and Deepak Chopra on the deliriously self-fellating "Iconoclasts"- seemed as if Myers might have possibly turned a new creative leaf, maybe possibly hitting that intriguing and erudite elderstatesman period that comedians like Murray and Martin matured into.

Boy I was fucking wrong.

Sir Ben Kingsley, "Weeds" Romany Malco, "TDS" correspondents Samantha Bee & John Oliver, and hell, even a cameo by the great Rob Huebel starring alongside...Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake, and Verne Troyer? (Has Myers' formally adopted this guy?)

With an all-star schlock fest like that, it makes me pine for smaller, yet equally crappy films...

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