Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is Why We Play the Game!

As a lifelong cynic and long suffering New York sports fan (sadly I am not a Yankee fan) I am struggling to comprehend this moment in time...

...the Giants won?!

No seriously now... this guy...

...actually beat this guy?

And here I thought the only highlight of my evening would sadly be this:

Now in my attempt to process the physical and mental shock this victory has created (as well as quell the minute desire to get all hyperbolic happy on y'all) here's a rundown of my favorite shots and celebrity whore sightings:

My attitude towards Mr. Barber has been well documented, but this photo seems to perfectly capture the man's essence...

tiki bitch

I love Spike as much as the next guy (probably even more, as I may be one of the few to actually own both "Bamboozled" AND "She Hate Me") but damn man, I know your our designated New York sports guy (God knows we wouldn't let Woody be it), but why you gotta be all up in the cameras looking like a PR whore man?


This was pretty sweet...

brady down

And this one...uh...yeah...YUM.


It's only a game anyway.

It's not like there's a taxpayer's money wasting investigation by a crusty old attention whore senator looking into possible cheating charges, or a record holding wideout facing possible assault charges or an aging defense that may herald the end of an unbelieveable wealth of playoff success...


Eitherway, it was a hell of a game, and more than made up for those atrocities of sight and sound that claimed to be Super Bowl ads.

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