Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Accentuating Bad Accents

Bad accents can hinder the dramatic intensity of a film, or merely make it funnier than it should be. Some trailers that made me laugh unintentionally this past weekend:

At first glance, I thought maybe Demi Moore was playing an American who just happened to have developed a slight British accent while living in the UK. I was wrong. I'm not sure if the producers of "Flawless" thought making Moore look older (beyond her forty-something plasticity) would compensate for her terrible accent, but someone definitely needed a little Zellwegger/Paltrow 101.

I feel for Ryan Philippe, I really do. But his over the top 'twang makes Nebraska native Larry the Cable Guy look like pro.

An American playing an Australian playing an African American? Yes Robert Downey Jr., this is why I love you so. (I know this is supposed to be intentionally funny, but my undying adoration of all things RDJ make me incapable of not including him.) And Ben Stiller and Jack Black in a big budget film that actually looks interesting, if not halfway decent?

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