Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Open Letter to the Unborn Cynic

Let me get this out of the way without trying to sound snide, contrived, or with even a smidgeon of smirk that casually permeates the happy-go-lucky sarcasm of my day to day life:

I hate people

It's not a new idiom, ideology, or revolutionary statement I've put out there; I know that. Misanthropy is an occasional source of amusement for some, a debilitating illness for others, a passing phase for cliche driven rebellious teenage pseudo-outcasts; it seems to full under the umbrella of infinite incarnations.

Yet for me, like many others, it's a belief system.

I hate people.

I don't hate them because of specific aesthetic, cultural, or institutional distinctions, I hate them because of their proclivity to disappoint...over and over and over again. I'm not a nihilist, an atheist, or hell, even a realist. But my capacity for hope, for idealism, and for fully realized potential in people is dead and gone.

Don't get me wrong- I don't think all people are essentially evil or lost at the core, on the contrary, I think most people are honest to good people that merely fall victim to their own self-imposed limitations. We don't care about politics, societal change, and the world at large not because we're self absorbed assholes (at least not all of us) but because we've systematically learned and grown accustomed to apathy. It's not like riding a bike; self motivation is something that needs to be bought into and consistently believed in for any possibility for long standing change.

I'm the last person to ever even come close to being open to the possibility of optimism, of genuine change within humanity at large...but goddamn it, I don't think anyone should take it away from anyone that is.

By no means am I even remotely close to being an ardent Obama supporter, or a supporter of any political individual or denomination, but if he is guillotined via guilt by association, let this be a remnant of his relatively short legacy to further fuel the fires of cynics and optimists yet to be born:

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