Saturday, March 22, 2008

Politics, Pillows, and Promotional Propaganda

Nothing like relaxing on a park bench on a cool March day, reading a good book, sipping some herbal tea from the Farmer's Market and taking in the sun, the scenery, and the odd juxtapositions that make living New York grand. (Yes, I said grand in that 'isn't it grand?' kind of way)

Anti-war rallies are obviously not far from the norm for NYU dominated Union Square, but it's always nice to see people proactive and motivated about a cause instead of the prevailing indifference of apathetic people like myself, too self absorbed, self defeated, or straight up selfish to do anything. (Outside of watching political rally art house films of course)

Kudos to the family of four adorned in "No Blood For Oil!" gear (5 year-olds in "Buck Fush" shirts are the cutest) and to my favorite sign carried by a hobbled woman who may or may not have been slightly under the influence, with the words "One Nation Under GODzilla." (I'm not sure if she was trying something avant-meta or just straight up crazy, but kudos still.)

(Via killthebird)

As the massive throng of anti-war protesters dispersed from Union Square North, another large collective of very young and slightly old formed towards the front of Union Square South, in anticipation of the third annual International Pillow Fight Day, a global effort to take out aggression on your fellow man via feather and foam.


-The Union Square park gardener approached pillow enthusiasts suspiciously: "Those aren't feather pillows, right? Cause last year was awful; we couldn't get those feathers out for months- in the trees, in the bushes, everywhere. Those better not be feather pillows."(Official Event Press Release: "This event is more fun with feathers!") Eyes narrowed, she storms off disgruntled, like a cross between post prison Martha Stewart and Groundskeeper Willie.

-Urging participants to "not hit people with glasses, cameras, and especially people without pillows" is heeded...until the 10 year-old gut checks a Braveheart wannabe leading the pillow brigade. Parents nearby help their children by using their keys to slice open the pillow for easier access to the feathers.

-Five minutes later: I see Groundskeeper Martha covered head-to-toe in feathers. I can't exactly hear what she's saying, but the vein popping on her forehead and the fearful looks on the nearby Avril Lavigne look-alikes' faces tells me it can't be good.

-A waif-ish, middle aged incense seller approaches a pair of Pillow Fighting Ninjas (complete with ninja garb and mini pillow nunchuks) with a tiny, maternal tone: "Can I ask you gentleman something? What do you get out of this? Don't you think this misuse of physical aggression only amplifies our violent tendencies? Can't you have fun peacefully?" Someone cracks her in the back with a ThunderCats pillowcase. Order is restored.

Sans a pillow and recovering from my eighth unprovoked pillow punch, I struggle to maneuver through the claustrophobic pillow free-for-all and run smack into...a small march campaigning for the election of faux Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent (who looks conspicuously like Aaron Eckart)? God bless viral marketing.

A war protester dressed in military regalia covered in fake blood and a plastic shrapnel wound joins the feathery fray. A hot dog enthusiast notes that "if the Boston Massacre had been fought with pillows with instead of guns, maybe there would never be any blood shed." Someone definitely has the munchies.

(Via ardenstreet)

Later that evening: With a pea coat covered in feathers, and a lady friend less than enthused to see her man looking like a hen house attendant on a night that was supposed to be romantic, yours truly comes home disheveled, disoriented, and in dire need of a lint roller.

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