Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ProRun Finale Episode Part B

It's over! And I'm too sick to make an actual recap of it.
I will try to cover the big details like who won, certain things Christian said or did, and all things Posh.

It starts with the designers talking and Jillian asking if her hair looked nice. Then Timmy boy came by to look at the updated collections of the final three. He loved Jillian's collection with the exception of a striped top. He loved Rami's collection. And he had concerns over Christian's over design.

Christian was feeling the pressure of being the youngest within a group of talented seasoned designers. Poor baby wasn't getting any Tim love either. It just breaks the heart.

Then they had a model casting. They all wanted skinny, fierce models and Jillian was lost in her confused world. Having never did a model casting before, Jillian voiced her concerns over knowing nothing about this stuff and Christian made a snippy comment about how that's her own shit and she should just deal with it.

Collier Strong made an appearance and said some things about makeup and strong eyebrows.

They fit their models and Christian's model's bitched about the shoes he picked out for the collection. They should just shut their mouths. They are models, dammit. You're getting paid to walk in fancy clothes. Just be quiet.

Jillian couldn't get new models after she messed up her model choices. She freaked out and Rami basically told her to shut up and suck it up.

After all the fittings Tim had one last gather round and got a bit emotional but not as emotional as he did in previous seasons.

Day of the final runway show and all the designers pick up their shit and walk around Bryant Park in the earliest of mornings.

One hour to runway and we get some sightings of previous contestants. A bit of Andrae Gonzalo, Laura Bennett, and ...that blonde kid from season two. A little bit after that we get a brief glimpse of a goddess, POSH!!!

Heidi comes out and says her bitty spiel about not being able to wait for the show and then introduces the judges: Hot Bitch Nina Garcia, Mr. Fancy Pants himself Michael Kors, and Diva Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham.

Jillian says a stupid little thing about inspiration and I have a nagging doubt that she'll be the winner. She'll pull a Chloe Dao and take it over someone younger and more talented. Bitch. Her designs were young and flirty and set to a sort of jazzy downtempo piece. Her favorite piece to make, that damn jacket, was once again in full force. She got a half assed audience clap for one of her pieces and that was that.

Rami's bald head makes its appearance and Posh smiles a bit. They show Eliza and her mini-me daughter and Rami, once again, refuses to acknowledge his hot man piece of a boyfriend. Hot came his draped, voluminous designs. He got audience claps on his last three pieces which all happened to be huge dresses. Yes, his collection was pretty but I hate him and want him to lose.

Christian came out to the biggest applause and told the audience they looked FIERCE! His first piece got some audience love and while the world is enjoying his collection, Christian muses on how much he loves the Posh and how much his clothes were a part of him. A grand total of six of his pieces were loved by the audience. Posh freaked the fuck out on his last piece because that shit was gorgeously feathered. Nice to see previous ProRunners applauding baby boy's efforts.


Judging room and I spaced a bit while Heidi was going through the prizes yet again.

Jillian went off into tangent about the last challenge and how it was very inspiring. Ever the bitch, Nina made a comment that didn't go with all the judges' praise.


Christian exuded nervous energy. And took in all the judges' praise and looked like a small boy in a big world. Judges made comments about how it was stuck in black and Kors said He LOVED the last look. Awesome... totally awesome.

Rami stood like a pompous asshole. Nina poured her love over him while the rest of them commented on his weaving style and "Brady Bunch" colors.

Things We Learned About Our Designers And Ourselves This Week:

Rami said Jillian worries too much! He said it annoys him. Oh Em Gee... priceless.

Despite a little bit of annoyance I think those two roomed together. I called that, oh you know it.

"Ugggghhhhhhlllllyyyy." That's how I would describe Jillian's main model.

These bitches hug it out way too much for my liking.

Christian has a sister who is equally as fierce as him. They look alike.

Posh on Jillian: Good Attention to Detail, Very Feminine.

Posh on Rami: Lovely, ...Attention to detail.

Posh on Christian: Loved EVERYTHING, Called him MAHJAH. Made him smile and said thank you when he said he would design something for her.

Judging room and I spaced a bit while Heidi was going through the prizes yet again.

Christian wins the Fan Vote about who should win.

Oh crap! No upset by Jillian this round. Awesome, clears the way for a Rami and Christian showdown.

Heidi said UBER FIERCE!

Victoria Beckham told him she would be honored to wear any piece of his clothing. Oh My... everyone started crying and the judges and even POSH started tearing up.

Tim walked out with open arms proclaiming his pride for Christian. As soon as he won his confidence came back up and it's fabulous!!!

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Anonymous,  March 12, 2008 at 3:17 PM  

i feel un très project runway inspired show hosted by none other than..yes posh coming on. i'd be a slave to it....

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