Monday, March 24, 2008

While mindlessly surfing YouTube, I found...


YouTube can be a source for many things including a daily rant by an emo/goth/preppy teenager with aspirations of greatness, a filmmaker in training showcasing the type of stuff formally reserved for parents' shelves, and any other random piece of shit that comes to someone's mind. With the election going on we've seen a surge of viral videos featuring, commenting on, and parodying the candidates.

Music videos seem to be the most common simply because a) they're probably loads of fun to make and b) they are easily the most liked within the YouTube community. No one wants to view a three minute spiel about how much you love Obama but everyone will gladly watch a scantily clad girl profess her love of Obama through the art of song and stripping.

And the response, a Fall Out Boy copy speaking out on his love of Mrs.Clinton:

John McCain has his supporters too. He doesn't have as many music videos as the Democrats but the one I found far makes up for any lack in numbers:

While searching for these simple videos I came across a few oddities that must be shared:

Apparently the "Two Girls One Cup" phenomenon made it to the Presidential debate and someone thought that this was a great idea.

A Hillary song that aims to be a Bond trailer.

An honest to God "Hillary, We love you. Be our president and carry our child that is America," type of love video.

A MadTV skit that has our Democrats makin' love and taking names.

Another love-fest for Obama and Clinton.

Ah... let's make the theme song to the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" about John McCain. Oh you guys... cracking me up everytime.

Tell yo mama, baby.

Yeah, so the bulk of the support videos are of people supporting Obama...

...and then we have the select few who try their hand at Hillary support music videos and they come off like this last one.

Though we do have perfect gems such as the following:

Maybe I'm not looking hard enough for McCain videos but I must say if I have to look harder than simply typing "::insert politicians name here:: support video" into YouTube's search engine something is wrong. What's up McCain supporters? Can't be as creative as the Obama crowd? I mean look at the stunning works of art they managed to throw up onto YouTube. At least the McCain supporters are doing it out of pure love and devotion to their man. That raining McCain video is nothing short of a project made out of the deepest of loves.

I guess I'll be able to enjoy these political gems for some time since this Presidential race started a million years ago and will continue for another million years. When does this shit end already?

My travels through the video jungle that is YouTube has left me drained. I can only hope to recover within the next few weeks. I must be well for the Guam caucus on May 3rd.

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