Friday, April 18, 2008

Rising Downer


I've alluded to my childhood fanaticism towards all things Roots related, so it somewhat pains me to see a recent series of underwhelming promotional moves in support of their new album, "Rising Down."

First, there was the somewhat disappointing appearance on the Colbert Report:

...which was more of an obligatory Philly showcase of the 'Roots band' ala "Jay-Z : MTV Unplugged" than an actual appearance of the Roots, with Black Thought in tow.

Then there was the official release of their new video for the Fall-Out Boy single "Birthday Girl" (that just happens to be featured on the Roots album and include some semblance of a Roots presence) :

...which is cute, pleasant, and mildly suggestive, but lo and behold, apparently has some edge to it as it features an underage-looking porn star Sasha Grey, cause nothing says legitimately serious hip hop act like catering to middle aged white male sexual fetishes.

Has it really come to this? Have the frustrating years of critical acclaim, a hardcore (albeit predominantly white) fan base, and fleeting momentary blips of commercial success really pushed the Roots to the depths of sophomoric pop punk porn promotion?


If it is, it saddens me to finally close a door on a part of my childhood that brought me so much joy, even ridiculous moments like this:

(What the hell am I talking about? Of course I've already pre-ordered my "Rising Down" gift set. And you should too. Damn childhood addictions.)

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