Monday, May 19, 2008

Journalism 101 with Lou Grant

For some inexplicable reason, I've been going through an unintentional journalism movie run lately, seeing the idealistic All the President's Men, the well-intentioned though greatly flawed Absence of Malice (did we really need the obligatory Paul Newman/Sally Field love scene?), and the surprisingly effective Shattered Glass (quite possibly the only role known to man best suited to accentuate Hayden Christensen's whining talents) on various twlight hours of the past week.

Maybe it was random coincidence, maybe it was a cosmic ethereal sign meant to ignite the dormant, disgruntled flames of my journalistic heart, or maybe I just need to stop watching random movies at dawn and double my dose of Ambien.

Either way, I stumbled upon the curiously overlooked and well written series, "Lou Grant," the Mary Tyler Moore spin-off that ditched the cheeky silliness of its predecessor in favor of a serious drama that did a pretty damn good job of showing what journalism is (or at least is supposed to be) all about.

In light of old media's quickening demise and the depressing state of today's aspiring 'journalistas' ala :

It's nice to harken back to a fonder day, when Happy Hour was spent bitching about how a source was a massive tool, why covering that 11am press conference always seems to be a total waste of fucking time, how editorial and production staff meetings feel like a scene from "the Outsiders" or why tape recorders are as a reliable as a free condom on Spring Break...

...oh Ed Asner, how I love you so.

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