Friday, May 2, 2008

Mmmm... Do I Detect the Faint Aroma of Mensa?

Tired of wasting moments of your preciously finite existence on countless dates with art gallery owners, literary editors, social pundits, financial/legal analysts, and supposed cinema/sociopolitical aficionados who routinely disappoint you with their inability to not lower themselves to the mind numbing depths of sophomorically crude banality?

Huzzah! Enter Intelligent People.

Finally, a way for sophisticated intellectuals to connect in an elitist-ly mutual, non-educated conformist manner, sorting out the brilliant from the common riffraff.

Pardon me as I finalize my application that will assuredly be accepted and acknowledged as among the top one percentile. As for the rest of my fellow elder statesmen, good luck enjoying the unsatisfying mediocrity of youthful lust.

Now where did I put my Mensa card...


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