Tuesday, May 6, 2008

That Ed Norton Kid's Alright, But He Ain't No Bill Bixby

Marvel may be salivating at its recent stock uptick due to the universally lauded "Iron Man's" success, but boy, their second feature from Marvel Studios has to have some stockholders nervous in anticipation.

I love Edward Norton as much as the next guy, if not more so. ("25th Hour" and yes, even "Keeping the Faith") But trailers for his most recent directorial turn leave a lot to be desired.

Granted, the first trailer of "the Incredible Hulk" was laughably awful, and this new trailer is an improvement, if your definition of improvement means shamelessly trading upon the cache of a once beloved television series, that lo and behold continues to trump modern day CGI-ed attempts at success (Note the television theme song "Lonely Man" callback at the end).

I know I'll probably see it (as my unabashed faith in Norton compels me so) and till then, I'll be reminiscing about the nights of my childhood captivated by a pre-"King of Queens" Lou Ferrigno who scared me shitless, yet somehow kept the idea of indestructible purple dress pants completely plausible.

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