Saturday, June 7, 2008

Celebrities Are Obnoxious Winners Just Like the Rest of Us

Entering the fray of celebrity sponsored social networking/online competition is Renaissance man and Wu-Tang Clan founding member RZA's WuChess, an online chess and hip hop community networking site that actually looks like some honest to goodness fun.

And who says the worlds of Bobby Fisher and Big Daddy Kane have to be mutually exclusive? (Actually that would be a pretty sweet match up, not so much for the chess part, but for the Big Daddy Kane beating the racist chess genius with a pimp cane part.)

Either way, WuChess should be an improvement over the exhilaratingly dull game play of Yahoo Chess, or better yet, the celebrity whorefest that is IBeatYou, the Baron Davis/Jessica Alba approved "competitive social networking" site that's degenerated into a makeshift HotorNot/Friendster site with the unoccassional shameless plug:

"Oh hey, I can't go the premiere of my great (shitty) new movie 'the Love Guru' (cause I'm preggers and have better things to do than watch horrifically awful films that I get paid lots of money to be hot in) but now you can try to get my tickets to the premiere (that I will be nowhere near) by competing in your own Guru competition. Get it? 'Be Your Own Guru' cause it's the 'Love Guru'? when am I filming that 'Awake' sequel?"

UPDATE: It was just brought to my attention that the above video that once featured new mother Alba has now been replaced with a vid of a couple's entry for the Guru contest featuring a heartbreakingly sweet/sad couple separated by service time in Iraq...making my comments below appear insensitive, if not outright shitty. So due to an embed video snafu, I am indeed an asshole, and yes, Ms. Alba, uBeatMe.

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