Friday, June 27, 2008

This Year's Savior of the Knicks is...a C*ck?

New York Knicks first round draft pick Danilo Gallinari apparently is nicknamed "the Cock," already has a new line of Reebok "Rooster sneakers" on the way, and according to some experts:

"isn't going to be a superstar"
"lacks foot speed"
"doesn't play well defensively"
"is under weight"
"uses his hands too much"
but "has range and a mean streak"
(apparently 'mean streak' is a new necessity in today's Tim Duncan nice guy dominant NBA).

Is it disconcerting that this rich man's Jorge Garbajosa looks like a destitute vagrant's Josh Harnett?

Somehow I doubt Gallinari will inspire Knick fans to create fan vids mashing his awkward athleticism with Chris Brown songs.

Suddenly, free gas is starting to look real good.

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