Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight Cures Cancer, Obliterates AIDS, Solves World Hunger and Blows F*cking Minds

I originally planned to post this other photo, but I am not much of a spoiler

I'll let the plethora of critics agonize over the narrative structural intricacies, psychological conflicts, or the engagingly thought provoking performances and let them push the hype machine of this behemoth to its Olympus peak, but I'll drop this quickie:

Hyperbole is the affliction of the overcompensating inadequate.

To paraphrase the old idiom, "It's not bragging if you can do exactly what you say you can do."


Other notes:
  • This is definitely not for kids under 11 or 10, or Christ, anyone who's a bit squeamish with knives, bone breaking, or little children having guns pulled on them; which should be interesting how word of mouth spreads among parents on the fence about bringing their kids- Spider-Man 3 gross numbers? I doubt it
  • It's amazing how a massive budget and long history of child friendly accessibility can get you a commercially viable PG-13 for a film that's a pretty borderline R
  • Were it not for the costumes or the campy comic book history upon which it revolves around, this would be one of the best damn crime movie screenplays of the past few years (yeah, that's my finger pointed at you, the overrated Departed)
  • I loved Memento more than any normal human being should have been allowed, and this perfectly captures what Nolan is all about

Holy shit, I never thought I'd say this about a comic book movie based on something used to market frozen pizza crusts 'cloaked in pepperoni' or overpriced China-made action figures but...


That is all.

For a lighter take on this material, enter Aziz Ansari:

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