Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's that time again.

On Wednesday July 16th at 10pm the final Bravo aired season of Project Runway begins and to date there has been no big media splash. There are no bios up on Bravo's website or any actual teasers being played on television. The only thing out there to advertise this stunning show are a few re-cap commercials and eery, eery silence.

Speculation abounds! Will Bravo execs burn the show into the ground simply because of Lifetime's seemingly overnight take over of everything holy and good when it comes to ProRun!? Maybe they are planning some grand reveal sometime in the next week to take everyone by surprise! Perhaps the elusive new designers will actually be a mix of random new york hipsters, old women from the bronx, and any animal with enough will power to sew... or maybe it'll just be an all star edition and we'll get to see more of Daniel Franco:

I've been pretty quiet on the whole ProRun moving to Lifetime subject. I haven't gotten over the shock and pain that the initial report brought to my ProRun loving heart. I've tried to convince myself to view this change as something positive but then they go and hire the Real World producers. My little heart isn't strong enough for this torture. I'm scared as to what monstrosity they'll turn ProRun into. Focusing more on the apartment setting than the actual fashion and forming it into a tamer version of The Real World with a dash of the sexuality of A Shot At Love and adding Lifetime's goal of empowering women and making awesome female based dramas. I don't really know how this is going to turn out but I've made this handy diagram to show my confusion:

(click to enlarge)

Hope that helps the viewing public come to terms with ProRun's eventual move to Lifetime. Until then let's make it work with Bravo and have happy thoughts.

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