Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Matthew McConaughey makes me ashamed to be a feminist

I love Matthew McConaughey.

Okay, I said it.

I know I'm supposed to be ashamed, even self conscious about such a proclamation, and being a self-respecting intelligent, educated, erudite, introspec- oh fuck it, just look at him! The physique, the casual laissez-faire charm, the body, the smile, the muscles, the Southern charm, the rippling mass of manhood...(sigh)

He stands for everything my strong feminist upbringing is against, but damn any straight God faring woman who doesn't want to jump his bones.

Yes, I know he's gone from a actor with potential and talent (A Time to Kill, Amistad) to one that settles for mindnumbing romcoms where he lives out his man-boy fantasies (anything with Kate Hudson, J.Lo, or the Horse Faced One), but does it even matter anymore?

Must me and all my closet McConaughey lovers hide our yearning in the name of upholding taste, class, and our feminine dignity?

Sadly yes...and projects like Surfer, Dude are definitely not helping our cause.

Have you seen his official website? The reggae music, the "Enter Easy or Real Easy" option, the 'J.K. Livin' production and apparel line, his "Beef : it's what's for dinner" radio ads, the automated slideshow that basks in his musclebound potheaded beauty...

Holy Ghost, I am ashamed.

Super High Me's Doug Benson makes an astute and probably accurate analysis of the yet to be released Surfer, Dude :

Now excuse me while I go and reread my new copy of the Feminine Mystique...while sneaking in a viewing of Fool's Gold. (sigh)

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