Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Man Rock Bands


Rock Band may be the kind of video game that gets friends together for a faux-rockin' good time, but for those gamers who struggle with the complexities of human interaction, group think, or are just obnoxious assholes who want to be their own band, I celebrate thee:

The self-proclaimed sunglasses wearing 'One Man Band' (drums, guitar, mike, shades worn at night)

The adolescent stuffed animals loving one man band (drums, guitar, mike, braces/retainer)

The vocally un-confident one man band (drums, guitar, bass, mike, vocals yearning for human companionship)

The chokes-on-his-mike self-proclaimed loser one man band (drums, bass, guitar, mike/phallic gag reflex tester)

The future pretentious rock critic one man rock band (drums, guitar, mike, snarky self deprecating aura)

Interesting how most of the one man bands chose to tackle with Weezer's "Say It Ain't So." Could it be that it's the easier song to attempt, or a song they all identify with, or a calculated attempt by Rivers Cuomo to reach out to the anti-social masses yearning to break free and convert them into a malevolent makeshift retro-emo revolution?

I'm onto you Mr. Cuomo. "Pork and Beans" my ass.

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