Monday, July 14, 2008

ProRun Marketing Explosion!!!

So apparently two days before the big premiere is when Bravo decided to release all of the lovely details. I'm not complaining because they also included an episode by episode synopsis for the entire season with dates and guest judges included. Is this an odd marketing plan? Yes, most definitely. Is it working? Well the masses are enraptured and compelled to A) discuss the information given and B) discuss why it was given so abruptly.

Oh ProRun.... How I've missed thee. Let's first discover the designers that I've pre-judged. I'll be showing my top three loves and hates simply based on looks.

Let's start out with my fawning adoration:

Meet Daniel.

Originally from Massachusetts, Daniel finds himself sleeping in my hometown of Brooklyn these days. He's won me over with his love of zoology and his stunning mix between Gale Harold and that mac guy who was banging Drew Barrymore. I guess another reason why I love him is that there is a strong possibility of him making some whacked out animal/nature inspired outfit completely out of tree branches. I can only hope and dream...

Meet Jerell.

Why do I like Jerell? Well have you seen him? If his own fashion sense is anything to judge from his outfits will be hobo chic! I can't wait to hear what Nina has to say about this one. That hat, that vest, that bare hairless chest... all these things point to greatness.

Meet Wesley.

He could go either way. He could be the cute, quiet one ala Stephan (S4) and Emmett (Sn2) or he could be the bitch. In my head he'll have all the great snarky one liners and will forever be my favorite.
I think I'll enjoy him and his fancy pants.

Is it any surprise that I chose three guys as my favorites? Not so much... Is it any surprise that the three I chose happen to be gay? Not so much again. Well it was bound to happen when seven out of the eight guy designers are gay.

Now onto the three designers I probably won't be so fond of:

Meet Kelli.

Dear Bravo Execs,
I know you've already mentally separated yourself from ProRun but really we didn't need another Sweet P.
La Dame

Meet Blayne.

Dear Bravo Execs,
This guy loves neon. You know what I think of when I see neon. I think of the 80's and that scares me because I thought we were finally heading out of that fashion rehash. Please make this one go away quickly. I can only think of that vaguely neon mess of orange that Raymundo made for the barbie challenge back in season 2. Put an end to it as soon as possible please.
La Dame.

Meet.... Suede?

Dear Bravo Execs,
I know how loved or tolerated Biddel (ProRun Canada's winner) was but at least he didn't look like this piece of fake ass.
But really.... SERIOUSLY?
La Dame

This season of ProRun will have several guest judges including the following: Natalie Portman, RuPaul (dear god let this be a drag competition), LL Cool J, Brooke Shields, & Apolo Ohno. Seems like a solid bunch to me and I can hardly wait for the RuPaul episode. Let's hope that Jerell makes it to that episode because I really want to see him pair up with the Ru!

Two more days and the fun begins.

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