Thursday, July 10, 2008

¡Viva La Sexy Beast!

Lots of people (my boss included) are extremely excited about the upcoming Dark Knight to the point of getting up at unspeakable hours to watch it (6am screenings?!), but I'm probably in the minority of people wetting themselves in anticipation of the new Steven Soderbergh extravaganza, Che (Guerrilla/the Argentine).

Okay, so Dark Knight has fancy special effects, the dearly departed Ledger, and the deliciously delectable Christian Bale, but does it have an epic four hour running time, or the sex gods that are Edgar Ramirez, Benjamin Bratt, Rodrigo Santoro, and my beloved Benicio Del Toro?


I know stretching something into two films or a four hour long epic seems excessive, and maybe pretentiously ambitious, but it can't be any more lackluster than Omar Sharif's Che! :

or as soft and pretty (oh god was Bernal pretty) as the over romanticized Motorcycle Diaries:

If only Soderbergh could've squeezed in Bardem...


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